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Lineback Patterns
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Shown below are photos of the different styles of the American Dairy Lineback.  This will help to identify your Linebacks for registration.

Witrick Pattern

Dark Sided Witrick

Witrick linebacks have speckled or dark sides, a black nose, eyes and ears.  They fall into 3 major types of color patterns; the White Classic Witrick, the Dark Sided Witrick and the Dark Speckle Witrick. 
The dark solid color pattern is prevalent on both the dark sided and dark speckled witrick, with the dark speckle having more speckles and equal parts of dark and white coloring.
Lineback cattle can be black and white or red and white, which some referred to as roan, such as a white classic with very light speckling of either black or red on their sides.

Dark Speckled Witrick

White Classic Witrick

The White Classic Witrick color pattern has proved to be the most dominant pattern in the Witrick category when cross breeding with other Linebacks or any other breed.  It is mainly white, except for some colored sprinkles throughout the body.  A dark nose, dark ears and dark outline around the eyes, with some having a dark streak above the eyes, resembling eyebrowns, are required points of a Lineback.

Gloucester Lineback


Gloucester linebacks have a solid black head, sides, legs, white belly, white garters around the tops of the legs and the distinctive white stripe across the back, from head to tail.

Let us know if you have any questions about identifying the different patterns of Linebacks.

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